Friday #fotoflash June 14, 2019

DB McNicol’s #fotoflash



John and Josie spent the day fishing and arguing. They had been doing this since the day they were married 5 years ago.

They sat on the little pier and put their lines in. Occasionally they would catch a fish big enough to save for dinner. They added it to the little bit of rice they had every day. Thank God for rice or they would eat even less.

Josie resented the life she had married into. John didn’t care about her one way or the other. Most of the time he told her she was ruining his life. One more mouth to feed, and now she was pregnant. Just what they needed.

John didn’t know yet, but it was only a matter of time before he noticed the bulge of the baby. She tried to not undress in front of him and her clothes, from the thrift store, were large and shapeless already.

Summer turned to fall, and the leaves started to fall, and the weather was getting too chilly to fish. She found John eyeing her more and more, and she was sure he noticed the bulge of the baby. He didn’t say a word, but one day he asked her to go fishing even though the weather wasn’t nice. She didn’t want to, but John told her they hadn’t been catching any fish and he was tired of just rice and so they needed to fish.

Josie told him she would be out shortly as she had to change into something warmer. Hurry up he said and left the small house.

She changed and came out of the house. She walked out on the pier and picked up her rod. Before she could sense his intentions, he had grabbed a hold of her, and threw her over and into the water, holding her down until she stopped struggling.

He let go and she floated in the water. He picked up the rope, and tied it around her, and then tied a large rock around her. He started to walk, dragging her body after him. He knew about where the lake deepened, he had checked it out several days ago when she hadn’t been with him and marked it with a bobber and rock.

Reaching the bobber, he started to feel around with his foot until he found the ledge. He pulled her over and pushed her body over the ledge and she sunk. Elated that it was deep enough to hide her body he headed back to the house and climbed into a warm shower and stood there until the water ran cold.

He lifted the board that hid his valuables and lifted the sack that contained his savings. He was going out to get a decent meal for once. No more rice and fish for him.

***********470 words**********

DB’s Rules:

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