Government Property – A Memoir of a Military Wife

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Government Property –

A Memoir of a Military Wife

By Tessa Dean

Copyright © 2020 Tessa Dean

All rights reserved. No part of this book can be reproduced, copied, scanned or distributed in any printed or elec­tronic form without express written permission of the author. This book contains material protected under United States Federal copyright laws.

Dedication and Thanks

I dedicate this book to my children and their father, Andrew Smeigh. Between us, we had three great children and five grandchildren.

I also dedicate this book to our best friends Charles and Kimbaly Stanley, who were there for us during the military years and who helped raise our children, while my husband and I were working. My husband was defending our country and I was serving the Officers of the United States military at their Officer’s club in their times of recreation.

I also thank Charlie for his service to our country and to Kim for standing by him as a dedicated military wife.

Work Of Creative Non-Fiction

This is a work of creative non-fiction. The events are portrayed to the best of my knowledge. A memoir is written from memory and memory can be flawed. If I got anything wrong, I apologize.

I may have changed some people’s names and/or descriptions to protect privacy. All Rights Reserved.

About Tessa

Tessa Dean is a long-time blogger and writer from southern New Jersey. She has written thousands of short stories and poems (along with blog posts on other content). Tessa has written over 12 non-fiction articles on Bipolar Disorder, which were posted pro bono on the International Bipolar Foundation website at She has also written articles and blog posts on mental health that have been posted on other blogs as a guest writer. She writes from experience but has found her mental health issues have helped her creativity. Her newest blog, composed of her creative writing, is To see her oldest writing from when she first started a writing blog, go to There are also posts containing her writing in the blog

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Government Property 

Chapter 2 – Eyes Left

Chapter 3 – A Baby, Girl or Boy?

Chapter 4 – Another Baby, Girl or Boy?

Chapter 5 – Beaches

Chapter 6 – Cruelty to Animals

Chapter 7 – Officer’s Club Part-Time

Chapter 8 – Wall of Fire

Chapter 9 – Time to Re-enlist?

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