To see my most recent work check out the blog post below.

I write a lot of my stories as serial stories using prompts. I have many different stories, the longest one is 50 parts if I am not mistaken. My current one is here and still in progress. You can use this post to start with part one and work your way through and then go directly to that blog and continue it.

This blog contains several serial stories and I used a lot of them in varying sizes in my very first novel which will eventually go online on the newest blog and then if I continue writing novels as a series I have several longer serial stories on that same blog as that is the one I update all the time. I don’t update this one very often. Those serial stories contain the middle of a possible novel and need both a beginning and an end. As most prompt sites request family-friendly work I will be updating those stories to murder or mystery stories and definitely on the dark side. So you can see why these aren’t quite as dark as they could be. I don’t go into much detail. Book One/Intro To The Possible Series is not a dark murder mystery as I am just getting used to writing that genre and I don’t think I know enough to make it a psychological thriller/murder/suspense story.

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