4 thoughts on “Story/Poem Page

  1. Julia

    Hello Tessa, I am doing a wrap up of Camera Lucida – The Sign, but unfortunately I can’t seem to locate your entry anymore, the link you’ve left can’t find your post:) Any way, thank you for participating:)


    1. Tessa Post author

      Thanks Julia. I thought it was missing. I deleted a bunch of stuff off my other blog and will be entering from another one this time. I needed to make that blog more commercial looking as I am starting to write for other blogs and didn’t think about it when I deleted it. Sorry you went looking for it. I just posted this week’s on the writing blog just now. http://www.finallyawriter.com

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  2. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Tessa,

    You came to mind today, which was really nice because work has been really challenging and just the chance to think about and pray for someone far away was a great break.

    We are both Christians and yet I can’t recall when I last prayed for you and the challenges you’ve been facing, so I did and asked God to spcefically help you with your disabilities and physical challenges. You know God is good and today he heard another plea for your comfort.

    I also realized I haven’t offered you much in the way of comfort myself ad because we are so far apart, I doubt I would soon get the chance to bring you a blessing, and besides, you don’t know me other than through our blogging crossing paths so it would be unwise for us to meet anyway, so what I do offer others is a chance to laugh which I don’t think can ever be a bad thing.

    I don’t think I’ve ever sensed you laughing through the posts from you that I’ve read. Of course, I’ve not read them all, but most of what I’ve read from is is sad because I have no answers or direct ability to comfort you or grant you healing myself. So, I offer you a short church story about what happened to me once when I was the kids pastor at a church my wife and I attended before our own children started to arrive. All my Christian friends get a laugh from it so I thought you too might enjoy it because you too must be familiar with the tone of how churches work and how embarrassed any young man would have been in my place.

    So with the hopes that it brings you a smile, I offer you this story and my hopes for a great day. Blessings.

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