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My poor Meet and Greet for writers.

I got one writer so far. Someone I already follow and appreciate her response.

I know part of it is probably because we were told to keep the niche small (by the blogging class) so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed at once. I know a lot of the people who liked the post are writers, but didn’t leave their links.

I only had to re-post one so far, so my life is easier and my blog is small so the amount of viewers is smaller than say Danny Ray’s or Jason Cushman’s, but you would get some exposure especially if you all re-blogged both of my site’s posts, whichever one you read.

Maybe I did something wrong in the set up. It is a learning experience. I am not ready for a meet and greet the size of Danny’s or Jason’s. Those two have my appreciation for sure.

Thanks to those that liked or posted.


September 26, 2015 Link Party and Meet and Greet For Authors and Poets

writing-pad-badge for writing event2

Join us at a meet and greet for fellow writers.  Post your link to your favorite prose or poem, re-blog this post so others see it and can join in the fun and then go through the links and find a new writer or more to add to your reading list.

I am trying this for a WordPress Blogging Class Assignment for Blogging 201

Badge for September 2015 Writer's Meet and Greet.

Badge for September 2015 Writer’s Meet and Greet.

Feel free to take a writer’s badge for the event