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Review/Fantasy “Knights of the Wraithmaker,” by Melanie Doan

Reagan Colby and Benko Wyatt, best friends and fellow squires in the Academy of Knights in Nitedque, must work together with others who may or may not be on the same side as them to save Nitedque. As the Wraithmakers are devouring souls to build their army in the Sindycate, Reagan and her best friend Benko, who have made a blood oath to become life mates when she turns seventeen in a couple of years, must find a way to defeat them. Reagan is one of the best swordsmen in the Academy of Knights in her age group, despite being female. Magick is banned in Nitedque and so Reagan must be careful of keeping her majick under wraps as she practices to become stronger at it while keeping it secret. The magick leaves her vulnerable to Death, leader of the Sindycate, and she faints when a wraithmaker gets too close to Nitedque. The fainting spells come quicker and quicker leaving her with the knowledge that time is running out. Reagan lost her mother as a young child and she discovers that she has a connection to King Conrad Godwin that she never could have imagined – one that makes her understand why her oldest brother, Draven seemingly hated her from the days she was born. Her remaining family is also part of the King’s army trying to protect Nitedque from the Sindycate and an oncoming war seems inevitable. Follow Reagan and Benko as they try to avert a war between Nitedque and the Sindycate. Despite Magick being banned we meet others who still practice it in secret. Despite the fact that I do not like fantasy books for the most part, this book held my interest and I would highly recommend you read it if you are looking for a quick read and like fantasy books dealing with magick. The book moves at a great pace and is easy to follow. Get your copy on Amazon.