Committed! Recovery at a Mental Health Hospital!

A new website that I contribute to and to spread the vision of hope and regrowth despite what we have been through. Stop by and we are still looking for contributors if you are interested.

Out of the Ashes

I didn’t feel as if I had anything left to live for. My mental anguish made daily living unbearable.

Bipolar Disorder 1 with psychosis, Borderline Personality Disorder among other Personality Disorders (there are many, not just one), Severe Anxiety so bad that I was terrified of people, new places and even getting up in the morning, along with Panic Attacks that would stop me dead in my tracks were just a few of my mental issues. I also suffer from severe OCD so bad that I have trouble leaving my house because I am sure the door is unlocked and the stove still on, no matter how many times I got out of my car and check the door lock and stove. I have PTSD which started due to several rape attempts when I was a teenager and then when the twin towers fell in 2001 I was sure every…

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