Thursday photo prompt: Glass #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Glass #writephoto


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a bay with clear, glassy water, reflecting blue sky and clouds. The bay is surrounded by green hills, one of which may be an island in the distance…

This is the continuation of John and Susan. I have decided to make this a book. I am working on that on NANOWRIMO since there is a beginning that needs to be told. Part of these prompts won’t fit into the book but will use some of them eventually after a proper beginning. 


By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Jack checked with the lab and made new appointments for DNA testing. He was getting anxious about the results, he had to admit to himself. Somehow he is feeling that things aren’t going to go their way. What if the twins aren’t theirs? He loved those boys and breaking up their family, and possibly another one, if indeed the twins had been switched, would be heart-breaking.

“I made new appointments at the lab for DNA testing. I explained the situation about all of us being tested at the same time to eliminate possible mistakes considering our unusual situation and what had already happened. They are fine with all of us being done at one time, and we can come over today. No need to wait any longer.”

“Let’s go this morning then and hope for quick results. The other doctor said it would take 24 to 72 hours to get the test results. Hopefully, it will be just the one day,” Joanne said.

“Ok, boys get dressed, and let’s get this DNA testing over with,” Joanne called out.

“Jack, you really seem nervous. What’s up? Are you afraid they aren’t our boys?”

“Joanne, I was studying the pictures of John last night, and it occurred to me that both you and I and our families are mainly blondes with blue eyes. The boys both have black hair and brown eyes. I am afraid of what the tests will show. I would hate to think that the hospital made a mistake.”

All four of them piled into Joanne’s SUV and nervously started for the lab. Joanne lived in a beautiful area, and here they were passing a glassy lake, calm as can be, which sure didn’t match their emotions.

All of them were lost in their own thoughts. Jack had suspicions that all wasn’t as it should be. He felt that they had been tricked when the boys were born. He vaguely remembers that grandfatherly type man who was hanging around the nursery every day.  The day they were discharged the man was there with a young girl with a double pram. Twins? Neither their twins or those in the pram had any hair. Following the fire drill, he was beginning to remember that the man, girl, and babies were gone. Because of the drill, things were backed up, and they rushed them out of there without checking identities carefully. They had the only twins in the nursery.

If these DNA tests show that they aren’t the parents, he would have to go back to Bhatangary and face his parents. Would they stoop to stealing the babies so that they had a prince to be an heir?

He remembered seeing that EMT in the office while they were being tested, and then he disappeared after they finished the testing. On the way home, the receptionist, who just happened to have the tests to be dropped off at the lab, has an accident. He remembered the EMT pushed all the samples out of the way, and now that he thought about it he jammed them into his pocket. He suddenly disappeared, and another guy was working on the woman.

Jack checked out the office when they arrived. A man followed them in bundled up in a parka with a hood, and he took a seat but didn’t approach the receptionist to check-in.

“What are you thinking about Jack,” Joanne asked?

“Joanne I have a horrible idea. I think it is possible that my parents stole our babies and replaced them with others. I remember that grandfatherly man who was always around, and on the day of discharge and the fire drill they were in a hurry to get people out, and he came in with a young girl with a double pram with two bald babies. In the confusion, they could have changed the babies, and if the name tags were missing they would think it was just the confusion going on around them.”

“Oh Jack, you don’t think they would go so far as to steal the twins, do you?”

“Actually I do, to tell you the truth.” He proceeded to tell her what he could remember.

They had to get the tests done as soon as possible and keep them from this man who is following them.

It would explain Oliver having two kidneys instead of one. It wasn’t really Oliver he was raising.

*******734 words*******

Tessa – 

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