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Thursday photo prompt: Balefire #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Balefire #writephoto


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a hooded figure in the darkness, silhouetted against flames that echo its shape. The figure holds something in its hand that may, perhaps, be a wand…

This is the continuation of John and Susan. I have decided to make this a book. Obviously, there will be a different start and even changes to the chapters and names. I will take this to a certain point to keep your attention while I can, but like the other week when I had to break into this story because the picture didn’t work, it may end at any time although I will try to give you a gist of the story.  I am not sure how long I have been writing this or how much longer it will go. My starting point for the book will be earlier than this little series has gone.

Whose Kids Are They Anyway?

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Exiting the imaging office, Jack and Oliver were amazed at the amount of snow that had already accumulated. Joanne and John were used to significant accumulations of snow all winter long.

“Hurry mom,” John urged her. “We want to go sledding.”

“Calm down boys,” Jack said. “There is still time in the day left to go sledding, and with this amount, I doubt it will melt away overnight.”

Everyone avoided the one conversation they all wanted to talk about. The car was quiet.

“How much longer,” Oliver asked, breaking the silence.

“Joanne, slow down, there’s an accident up ahead,” Jack said. They all got out and approached the overturned vehicle in the middle of the road. It was the receptionist from the imaging office where they were just tested. She was conscious but mumbling something.

Jack leaned over and tried to make out what she was saying. Lying on the seat beside her was the container holding the DNA testing swabs they had just taken. The window had broken, and they were laying in a pile of snow. No doubt, they were damaged and would have to be retaken. Jack finally realized that was what she was saying.

“I am not hurt, I just bumped my head,” she said, but Joanne had already called the police and ambulance. Sirens could be heard in the distance.

“Out of the way, boys and let them through,” Jack said.

The receptionist called Jack over and said something to him. Then he got out of the way too.

“She said to call the office tomorrow and make a new appointment to have the DNA redone,” Jack said. “Sorry, guys, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the results. Now that help is here and we weren’t witnesses, we can go. Might as well go sledding to get your mind off of everything.”

They headed off again towards Joanne and John’s house. At the driveway, there was a bonfire indicating the driveway. The kids were gathered around it waiting for them. It was a bright signal in all the snow. John said they called them bonfires here in America, but Oliver called it a balefire. Either way, it was a good signal fire as the snow had turned into a blizzard since they left the office hours ago.

The tests had been forgotten by the boys. They took off to get heavy coats, gloves, and sleds and go with the group of kids who had gathered waiting for them.

Joanne and Jack sighed and went inside to warm up. Now, who knows how long they will have to wait to have the DNA tests redone.

*******442 words*******

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