Friday #fotoflash September 27, 2019

DB McNicol’s #fotoflash

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Birthday Surprise – The Old Deuce Coupe

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Danny was disappointed when he looked at the pile of birthday gifts. None of them were large enough to be what he desired the most, a little car like dads jeep. He had hinted to everyone he knew, but here he sits with the little pile of gifts, and holding back the tears as he didn’t want anyone see him cry, he was a big boy now.

“Danny why aren’t you opening your gifts,” mom asks although she knows the answer. She couldn’t wait to show him his surprise. She had Bob take it out and put it on the other side of his jeep so Danny wouldn’t see it too soon.

Danny struggling with the wrap on his aunt’s gift was ready to chuck the whole affair and head to his room. Why does she always wrap the entire present in tape? Finally pulling off the last of the tape he finds a small helmet. “What’s this for, I don’t need it,” he says nearly in tears again.

“You’ll see Danny, just open your gifts,” mom says.

He opens the next one and finds a small leather jacket just like his dad’s and it even has stripes. He stops and puts it on immediately. Now he starts to grin, that miniature look of his father becoming evident on his face. The next one contains gloves. After opening a few more non-essential gifts he turns to his parents expectantly. “Any more?”

“Well, Danny it’s sitting just to the other side of your dad’s jeep.” And he was off. Wearing his gloves and leather jacket and the boots his sister had given him and hoping with all his might that he would see what he wanted to see.

“A mini-coupe, jeez thanks, mom and dad. Just what I wanted.” He jumps in and takes off across the yard.

***********307 words**********

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