Friday #fotoflash July 26, 2019

DB McNicol’s #fotoflash


Parade Fun

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

I was costumed in a long beautiful gown made by my mom, and I was wearing a sash that said “Miss Missouri.” My perch was on a long truck bed filled with other girls also wearing different sashes from other states. My hair was long and flowing and dark chestnut. Even though the other girls all had their hair up, I kept mine down. I didn’t like those styles where your hair is all on the top of your head.

The truck went down Main street, and the buildings were filled with those workers who only had a little time to catch a quick view during their lunch. Being a holiday, you would think more people would be off, but they changed the date this year to give the workers a long weekend, so some people had to work still.

“With that long dark hair braided and those high cheekbones you would make a wonderful Native American Indian girl,” my troop leader said beside me while we waited to go on. Maybe we will plan our next float to be about the Native American Indian, and you will be our single head of the float, and all dressed up as an Indian. The other girls can portray other parts of the Indian lifestyle.

Sadly that never came about as it wouldn’t fit the theme of the next year’s parade and I then moved on to another troop.

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