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Practical Jokes Kill

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

“Aaron Miller I told you never, ever to play one of your practical jokes on me or we were through.”

“Oh, Sharon, don’t be such a pill. I didn’t hurt you any.”

“I told you that I didn’t believe in playing practical jokes on people and that you best not do it to me and I meant it!”

“Oh honey, it is just an old rubber hand, and surely you didn’t believe it was a real hand, did you?”

“That is not a fake hand, Aaron. It is a real hand.”

“What do you mean that is not a fake hand, Sharon?”

She pulled a small hatchet out and chopped his hand off at the wrist. He grabbed a towel to try and stop his wrist from spurting blood all over. “Sharon, what have you done? Oh, my God!”

“Now I have a feeling that you will listen to me from now on and quit playing practical jokes. What do you think, Aaron?”

“I think you are crazy and I want nothing more to do with you. I played a simple joke, but what you did was violent and crazy. I just can’t get past what you just did.”

“Oh, just call the ambulance and grab the hand and have the doctor sew it back on. Geez, you are such a baby. You can dish it out, but you can’t handle it.”

“I am going to call the cops on you, you’re nuts.”

“Oh shut up,” she told him and swung the hatchet into his chest by his heart. She struck at him numerous times until she was sure he was dead. “Now you won’t play any more practical jokes.” She cleaned off the hatchet and put it in her tote bag, leaving by the back door, making sure that no one noticed her departure. She knows no one saw her arrive as it was already dark and the road is mainly deserted. The house belonged to Aaron, and no one knew her as his girlfriend.

***********336 words**********

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