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For visually challenged writers, the image shows a silhouetted castle in the half-light, set in a lake surrounded by hills.

Dark Secrets

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Randall listened to the birds calling. He was into bird calling. He was ignoring his girlfriend, who was snuggled next to him asking him questions non-stop.

“How do you get over to that castle over there?” Regina asked first. Randall tried ignoring her first. That didn’t work.

“Randall, tell me how you get over to that castle? Don’t ignore me.”

“You need a boat, now leave me alone!”

“Can you get a boat and take me over there?”

“Regina the castle is closed to the public so no I can’t get a boat to take you over there.”

“Randall, no one has to know we were going over there.”

“Regina, I know the security guard over there so please drop the subject.”

“Well that is perfect then, surely your friend will let us in.”

“Ok Regina, I will ask him and let you know what he says,” Randall says to shut her up, but his mind is thinking.

Regina has been a pest for the last few weeks. He is tired of being with her and would talk to Donald and see what he says about doing away with Regina over there somewhere, and then he wouldn’t have to worry about her anymore. He knew Donald wouldn’t care about doing something like that. In fact, it would give him something exciting to do.

Randall made the arrangements, and the date was set.

Regina never shut up about seeing the castle for a couple of weeks until the date that had been set up with Donald. He told her over and over she had to stop talking about it. Someone might overhear here he kept reminding her.

Randall didn’t want to miss out on the fun of killing Regina. The plan was that Donald was to bring the boat over to this side, and then all three would motor over to the castle side. They would head to the side with all the deep brush and trees, and Donald would have a hole already to dump the body into. Then he would shoot Regina and drag her into it, and then he would take Randall back to the mainland.

However, things didn’t go as Randall planned. Donald had his own plans. He didn’t plan on getting caught, just because Randall may not be able to keep his mouth shut. He made two holes, and after shooting Regina and getting rid of her body, he turned to Randall and took care of him. Now no one would be able to accidentally talk about it.


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