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Friday #fotoflash July 5, 2019

DB McNicol’s #fotoflash

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Sharing Spaces

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

End Century and other cute signs litter the parking lot of the old theme park. The group of boys found a spot in the back that was deserted and had private parking signs from days of old when the park was first opened, on the walls. The boys gamble endlessly back here unbothered by anyone. Usually!

Lately, though they had noticed things had been moved around here and there. It was apparent that someone had been using the area in their absence. This was their area, and they decided to try and catch whoever it was that was using it in their absence.

They figured it was being used after midnight once they left. The boys had to go home by midnight.

They all planned to sneak back out after 3 AM once their parents were asleep and head out to see was using their space.

As they crept up slowly behind the dumpsters that were left there from the old days, they heard laughter. It sounded like girls. They crept up closer to see what the girls were doing, and they found 10 girls drinking and smoking marijuana.

They wanted to tell them to leave because this was their area, but the girls would laugh at them and since they hadn’t run into each other yet, why cause trouble?

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