Snow Therapy…March 5, 2015

Snow @015

Photo belongs to Teresa Dean Smeigh

This is the snow at 3:00 PM. Still snowing now.

The snow was supposed to start around  2 AM, but at 6 AM or so it was still raining. We thought they screwed it up again. My son went to work only to be sent home again a couple of hours later.

I looked outside off and on, or should I say every time I woke up. Finally I realized it was snowing like crazy. I had a therapy appointment today and so I called the office to see if anyone was there. No one was so I left a message and worried. They called and said they were open, but they wouldn’t penalize anyone for not showing up due to inclement weather. Thing was I needed to go.

My dad said absolutely not (I am 58 years old not 2) and my son said I wasn’t to drive (who’s the mother here?). Finally my son said he would drive me. I am glad because I hate driving in snow.

I showed my therapist this blog. I started it partly for him and partly for me and to also help me remember my life because to be honest I don’t remember much of my childhood and he is interested in how my childhood helped create the me that I am now.

I trudged through the snow back to the parking garage and we left and decided to pick up something to eat while we were out.

Almost an hour since I took the picture and it is still snowing like crazy.

I need to go to tomorrow’s appointment because it is with my rheumatologist and I am in severe pain. My Fibromyalgia is getting worse despite the Cymbalta.

Soon the men will have to shovel again as it was piling up as they were shoveling.


6 thoughts on “Snow Therapy…March 5, 2015

  1. FLO

    I have been looking out the windows and seeing lots and lots of snow falling. The neighbors cleared our sidewalk hours ago and now you’d never know they’d done it. Thank God your son was willing and able to get you to your appointment. Hopefully, he’ll be able to do that again for tomorrow’s appointment. Dh had to cancel all his appointments earlier in the week due to the ice on the roads. I sincerely hope this is the end of the snow and ice for this year. Hope we are able to get together this Saturday, Denise’s last day there. Hard to believe but changes happen. We just have to cope with them. Hang on, my friend.


    1. Tessa Post author

      It Is still snowing heavily here. You can’t see where they shoveled either. I had forgotten Denise’s last day was this Saturday. Life goes on, one way or the other. I haven’t felt well this week. Starting to recover today I think.



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