Needle Phobia…March 7, 2015

Queen Anne's Lace

Photo taken by Teresa Dean Smeigh


I can’t wait for Spring, hence the picture. It counteracts the snow yesterday although there is still dirty snow around here.

I wanted to talk about my needle phobia. As a small child they had to chase me down the hall to give me my immunizations and the monthly antibiotic for the mouth infection. I had tonsillitus every month.

At 18 or 19 years old I had fallen carrying a bottle, smashing the bottle in my hand. By the time my dad got me to the Emergency Room I was infected. They cleaned out the glass and wanted to do a tetanus shot. I freaked out, yelling and screaming. My dad says, “Haven’t you grown out of  that yet.” Uh no I haven’t I wanted to shriek.

At 30 my dad took me to same day surgery and while he was waiting with me they came in with a tray of needles and I froze. I can’t scream again. I embarrass the poor man all the time. So I zipped my lips shut. No sound reached him. I was so happy.

AT around 40 something I fell and needed a tetanus shot. I didn’t say a word.

I now get 2 or 3 injections of Lidocaine and a slight steroid at the rheumatologists every 3 months and I don’t scream at all. They say exposure makes you used to it since I am 58 now and finally stopped screaming over needles.

Today’s visit I got 2 injections into my trigger point in my knee and hip. OUCH!!! My Fibromyalgia is just getting worse and he has nothing left to try. He will only give me 60mg and I have to get the other 30mg from my Psychiatric nurse who prescribes the extra 30mg for my psychiatric problems.

Please excuse any mistakes found. I have a new keyboard and it sucks so far. I hope I get used to it.

My son did drive me, for inquiring minds that want to know.


6 thoughts on “Needle Phobia…March 7, 2015

  1. Zoe

    Tessa once again. Relate 100%. My needle phobia is so strong that I have to take Xanax before any blood work or procedure. Granted I have severe trauma with hospitals but still.


  2. donnainthesouth

    somewhat dreading taking dil to the dentist Monday; she wishes they would give you something for pain before they come at you with the needle – wouldn’t that be nice – course they do have the gas now; didn’t have when I was a kid

    btw, love the picture


    1. Tessa Post author

      Thanks! Glad I wasn’t shoveling. Don’t they have a spray that is supposed to help numb it a little. My injections yesterday he sprayed then put the needle in, just a little numbing.



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