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Sunday Photo Fiction – March 31, 2019

Sunday Photo Fiction – March 31, 2019

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding


Is It Love?

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

As the summer days wound down, fall started to appear. Linda looked back with sadness at what seemed so promising at the beginning. It was becoming obvious it was about to end.

At the beginning she and Rob met every week at this little spot in the woods. Even though there were picnic tables there they never ran into anyone. The area remained deserted. Perfect spot to meet in secret and she thought she could change his mind about their summer affair and make it more permanent.

He surely meant what he said and as the leaves started to fall, he told her they had to talk. She dreaded the meeting that day. She had become attached to him and fell in love, but he declared every day they met that she shouldn’t get used to this.

She got there first and sat on one of the tables waiting anxiously. Rob was late that day. She tried to calm herself down. There was nothing she could do either way. It was his decision and he had a wife to consider and so far, he had made it clear that he wasn’t leaving her.

“Marry me,” the voice behind her said.

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