Fibromyalgia, Pain and Dementia

I am set to have my hip injected on Tuesday which means no NSAIDS for 5 days before. So since arthritis is pretty much throughout my body it is throbbing from that.

The stress of having that injection (no sedation but a local) has my Fibromyalgia also throbbing. All the pain points hurt and heaven forbid I want to scream each time they touch each other or some other object.

Then to add to that is my dad and his condition especially his dementia. My sister called me yesterday morning to warn me not to visit. She walked in there and he screamed at her to get out and go home. The place is dangerous and he didn’t want her there and a lot more. If he had done that to me I would have burst into tears and been frozen in my spot. My sister said she tried to talk him out of it, but he was simply lost in his dementia and like my mom was full of conspiracy theories. My mom thought my dad was trying to kill her and I was the only one she trusted and I would sit with her during these episodes so she felt safe, but my dad is sure the aliens he was studying about prior to his dementia are out for him and that my sister and I are not safe visiting him. She said that was the worst episode she has witnessed so far. I don’t go that often anyhow due to the long walk from the parking lot to the door, down a long hallway and then down another very long hallway. I can’t walk that far without numerous breaks. He doesn’t like visitors anyway and has no sense of time so he doesn’t protest and in fact he is happier we don’t come because he is so sure that we are being brought in for the kill. It upsets him more than makes him feel better.


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