Pain doctor can be problematic with narcotics.

I was there on Wednesday and she told me that she had electronically sent it through and I could pick it up on the way home. (They now send them electronically just like regular scripts).

I didn’t go as the weather was just so bad I wanted to just get home. So the next day after a doctor appointment I stopped at the pharmacy. No prescription so I called from there. I was told by the office that the prescription hadn’t gone through and the doctor would send it later. I asked them to do it now since I was already in the pharmacy. NO! Okay so as life would have it on Friday I forgot. By the time I remembered it was past closing time. So this morning, Saturday, I called the pharmacy before leaving, still no narcotics prescription. So I called the doctor’s office to leave a message with the answering company.

Now I just remembered that last month I had taken Morphine for a week and then switched back to percocets because it didn’t work. So when I looked at the prescription bottle it was dated 2/8/19. So they wouldn’t have filled it back then anyhow. I wondered why I had so many left that I wasn’t close to running out. So the prescription still should have gone through and they would have held it to the 8th and filled it then.

BUT they still screwed up so another call to the doctor on Monday. I go through some kind of problem every month with them although this one was partly my though since I didn’t realize I had the wrong date. I was used to every 30 days and that week of Morphine messed me up.


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2 thoughts on “Pain doctor can be problematic with narcotics.

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    I was always annoyed with my psych center’s refill mess ups but now that we live in Armpit and it costs $4 in gas to get to town and back, I go very aggro. They aren’t paying for their mistake, I am, so yeah. I get my dander up.
    I’ve also gotten the dates wrong but sometimes it is insurance refusing to fill one day early cos the pharmacy is closed Sundays or the nurse only gave me a two week supply.
    I have had some really awful psych care in my life but this place definitely gets first prize in ineptitude even with my own mistakes included. At least even the worst doctors got the refills right.
    Hope you’ve found some relief in some way. ❤

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I never had a problem when they used paper scripts. I had it in my possession and knew it would get there. Now it is one problem after another and this is every month at refill time. It is usually a minimum of 2 phone calls before they get it sent right. Luckily I sometimes don’t use all 4 pills a day for example if I am actually able to sleep all night I will save a pill which gives me a break for the inevitable screw up at refill time. This is a huge practice (I would say too huge considering all the screw ups), but they are not as careful as they could be. They do have a good reputation and one of the best in the area. I drove a long distance to get here before moving just down the street, but their mistake ratio sucks.



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