Changing pain meds – JusJoJan #31

January 31, 2019 #JusJoJan Wrapup

I have been on Percocets, high dose and not much relief.

After talking to my pain management doctor we have decided to try Morphine which is supposed to be stronger. I haven’t started yet so I don’t know for sure, but hope to start tomorrow. There was an issue with the dose (smallest) not being available. After much debate from the doctor and asking me if I would be willing to cut the next dose up in half we are going to hopefully have it for tomorrow.

This is also an experiment as supposedly I was allergic to Morphine according to the ER. I told the dr and she said the IV brands are much stronger and they probably overdosed me to begin with which she did as she was going to help me for the pain in the next few hours. I hope this works as I didn’t like being allergic to the Morphine. Ambulances can only use Morphine around here and if I were to be unconscious Morphine is the pain reliever they use. Granted I wouldn’t feel it most likely if I were unconscious.


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