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Life continues in the Senior High Rise

I am shy and quiet and tend to prefer being with people like me. I made one of my first friends (actually exchanged phone numbers and everything). Things started to change when I didn’t come to bingo every night they hold it. I am sorry I have a life, family, dr appointments etc. She is pulling away and that is fine. I prefer the other group I recently met and they are taking me under their wings.

I found myself drifting to the wilder ones and I am so much more happier with them. And tonight the quiet one started some kind of trouble with one of my new friends. Now I don’t know the whole story, but she said something obviously nasty to my newer friend. She did tell her that you don’t treat people that way. Wish I knew exactly what happened.

I have won some of the bingo games. One tonight he said he would add an extra dollar (we play small) if someone got the 4 corners in the first 4 calls. Just then I yelled “Bingo!” The first one to ever do that since they have been playing.

Still have a ton of stuff to put away. Daughter helped again plus my son-in-law put in a new brake light and my brakes are all new. Hopefully no more car maintenance until I can save some more up to pay for it. I have a very tight budget. Got my first electric bill.

I am in pain today. More so than usual and now I have a ton more boxes down so I can go through them. I have to get rid of this stuff.

The last couple of days have been cool and rainy and stormy. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot so will be turning the air back on. Being on the 6th floor might be great in the winter, but tremendously hot in the summer and we pay our own air conditioner whereas they pay the heat and hot water.

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