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Between the accident and the new brakes, drums and calipers, money flies out the window

The only thing saving me right now is that I had saved money for the move and things I needed for the apartment. My kids had convinced me to get rid of my household goods after I had been living with Dad for so long. Now I need that stuff. Things might be cheaper at Walmart and the dollar stores, but having my old stuff would have been cheaper yet.

So between the accident 4 weeks ago which was $500 and the new brakes, calipers and drums another $450 just went down the drain. My cushion is almost gone.

Don’t think I mentioned it, but my son’s car is probably totaled. A girl claiming to have only been going 30 MPH hit his heavy car and shoved it 15 feet and up onto the curb. He was in the house. The neighbors came and got him. He wanted a new car, but this was not the way to do it. They will probably total it. The rear axle is broken and the tire is flat and who knows what else. Probably won’t get enough to buy a new car or at least one that is in decent shape and not need constant repairs where this one was finally getting to. What a mess!

It is raining today and has been for days now. Good thing is that I don’t need the air conditioner on right now, a fan on just me is working fine. Haven’t gotten the first electric bill yet.

I still have to set up my budget.This is going to be tight. Hope I can actually eat on what is left after bills. The bankruptcy gave me a new start, but there is still cell phone (and the hot spot runs my WiFi), auto insurance, renter’s insurance, health insurance in addition to Medicare and prescriptions and a ton of doctors. I just have to get well. I am trying to spread the doctor appointments out, but the epidurals for the spine pain are 2 visits per month. I might be able to scrape 1 more appointment in there per month. I now have another hospital copay, as well as the deposits for my electric with the first bill. Been learning how to set up a budget on Youtube. There are a few different ways. I know the envelope and cash way is preferred by many, but not my thing. I prefer to pay everything out of my bank card or automatic withdrawals. Rent I have to pay by check. For years I didn’t have to worry about it, unless it was a car repair.

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