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Internet connection intermittant

I use my iPhone’s hot spot and unlimited data to use my chromebook and computer. The problem is that not everything will run on it.  Very annoying.

Had men in here working. They remodeled the bathroom and left a very dirty tub bottom twice. I am in terrible pain now and have to get down and scrub at it to get the dirty off. They get in there with their dirty boots on to work. I had to call maintenance because my toilet keeps running and the shower if you put it on shower squirts all over the place. Wonder how long that will take. On Tuesday my daughter and son came over and installed the new energy saving air conditioner. It is large enough to cool the whole apartment. My dad bought it for me. I am so glad since the sixth floor is tremendously hot already. Supposed to go up to 90 degrees F today and tomorrow. I would roast and it aggravates my Asthma. So does the cat. My son was taking care of her when they put me in the room downstairs. We are getting reacquainted again.

I started painting class yesterday. No cost for this activity since the housing department pays for it, but the bingo game does have a small fee. $1.00 for 2 cards which is the lowest amount. As low as that is I might not be able to go every time. It is twice a week and they play several games.

I am slowly putting things away. The pain slows me down and need my oldest daughter to help me. She is responsible and knows how to run a house. I haven’t done that in almost 20 years now. Having my own whole bathroom and kitchen is nice. I still have to cut down on my stuff. What I did already wasn’t enough. Came from large house to one room with some storage in another room and small closet at my dad’s. I still have stuff at dad’s. Maybe one of these days I will get the rest here and this place set up. Hopefully no inspections right away.

I am getting tired. Nap time also almost dinner time. I ate lunch late though. I don’t know why I am getting more and more in pain. I worry about the possibility of having surgery. My external yeast infection is bad right now with all this sweating and trying to keep dry. It likes wet/damp places.

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