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Slowly becoming home…

Slowly but surely I am getting things into place. I can’t move fast obviously and must take it slow in order to avoid the intense pain as much as possible.

Of course things must go wrong at some point. It is not possible for perfection. When I first get out of bed which is a real painful chore it takes an hour or more of movement so that the pain starts to dissipate. I manage a box or so a day unless I am out getting something or going to the drs. I could use less dr appointments.

I did finally read all the paperwork. So much to read. I got yelled at for asking the manager what to make the rent check out to. He told me it is in the large envelope of papers I signed.

One of my closets is the cat’s. One end is plastic tubs and the middle and other end is cat food, catbox, cat litter and a claw scratcher toy. I have a pretty large walk in  closet in my bedroom.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

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Exhausted!! Moved!

Well I am bushed! I am in bad shape and my kids and dad had to do all this work. I did what I could which wasn’t much.

My dad and kids feel much safer with me here. It is public housing, but a very nice place. It is a senior home mainly. It is a locked door with a guard except during the day Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

The bad thing is that 4 people on the same floor died the other night. There is a lot of death in a senior place so is expected and something I will have to get used to. Sleep is often interrupted.

The funny bit about moving here is that it is that I can look out my window and see the duplex I used to live in 20 years ago. I am on the 6th floor and the view is pretty nice.

I don’t have cable or WIFI. I am using the hotspot on my cellular phone which is unlimited. Trying to figure out if I can hook the printer up too. It all has to be on the same network in order to work but this is  a hotspot on my phone and not actually a WIFI connection.

I am currently resting. I am sore and tired. Will have to do some more before bed especially make the bed.

My cat is sulking under the bed. She wants my son and her regular room. Not even coming out for treats.

The evening sun is coming in the windows. Could be worse with the morning sun in the windows. Like it this way better.

Somebody moving had a solid wood coffee table they gave us. I needed one and I don’t mind the scratches and such. All my furniture is that way LOL!

About 8 hours later and the cat has finally come out and investigated and ate her treats.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work), new work is on this blog











Hit by a huge tractor-trailer

Not physically, but my body feels like it for sure. And now can’t call to the next room to get help. Struggle or stay where I am. I am sure this feeling will eventually pass. During the move I lost my pain and arthritis pills which is not helping. I have found the pain pills, but without my arthritis meds my joints are screaming.

Thank heavens for the rolling cart. Easier on me than the cane, but easy to use on curbs and doors.

I haven’t seen the cat this morning yet and she didn’t sleep with me.

Dressed but didn’t brush my hair yet. It is among the missing still.

Didn’t sleep well. Something crashed around 2 AM and then I was starving. Thought I was having a blood sugar low, but it was 109 so no low, but I had to eat then. I had the shakes just like it.

Have to clean the cat box, but no scoop. Must find if packed or need to buy one and must get food. Have frozen food, but no microwave hooked up yet. This is what you get when they tell you to hurry up and wait.

Not sure if I mentioned the car accident. Cost me $500 of my saved apartment money and there is a problem with the brakes. Probably a result of the bang from the crash. More money needed. Oh joy!

I am on the 6th floor and it is hot as hell and not even over 53 degrees F.

I am supposed to go to my grandson’s ball game after my weekly brunch with best friend.

I can’t remember to turn things off. Gotta watch the electric bill.

I have to travel everywhere with my little old lady cart. Might need it.

Had bankruptcy court the same day as the accident and getting the apartment.

One good thing, no fighting with dad. I miss him but not the fighting all the time.

I Am tired but unable to sleep right.

Have to check my blood sugar and do a few things before leaving.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work), new work is on this blog