Fall potentially dangerous

I fell this morning. I caught myself on my bed wrenching my back, but at least I hit the bed and not the other furniture or the floor itself. My balance is definitely an issue.

We just had a pretty heavy snowstorm. My dad and son dug us out.

My bankruptcy court date is April 16th in a town I detest, Camden NJ. Not a good town to be in. All of this for about 5 minutes before the judge most likely. I know it isn’t long. Hopefully no one wants to sue me and make me hire my attorney at attorney fees. It didn’t happen last time and hopefully won’t happen this time. You can file, but that doesn’t mean the creditor has to accept it. It really isn’t worth their time because they usually don’t win. I have nothing to pay them with, but it will cause me trouble and that just might be worth their time (to see me suffer some more). I didn’t do this on purpose. I am not having fun and it is expensive to pay a lawyer to file. What I saved from not paying the credit cards the last 3 months goes to the lawyer and to the Public Housing to get somewhere to live.

I wish I had an idea when the funding will come through for more housing. I guess I didn’t make the first cut. She told me I could do some light packing and this gives me time to get rid of stuff here rather than hauling it over there and have to get rid of it there.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

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10 thoughts on “Fall potentially dangerous

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    I feel in the tub the other night. Spook was in bed and after I regained balance and dignity…I kept thinking,man,if I had hit my head and been knocked unconscious,I wouldn’t have been found til she woke up but she’d wake up alone and scared.
    It shows how much I have grown thinking more about someone else other than myself at least. No less scary.
    Hope all works out for you, we are pulling for you.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Glad you weren’t hurt. Big worry with a little kid to worry about. Thanks, for the well wishes and hope. I am scared and excited at the same time. I must not have been selected for this first group. The longer I wait the more I can save to get what I need for the move, plus deposit and first months rent.


  2. FLO

    Glad you were able to avoid the furniture and the floor. The balance problem means we have to focus more on our surroundings, no more drifting through life. sigh. As for the court session, well, it will come soon enough and be over soon enough. After that becomes official I think you’ll feel a little bit better. Keep tossing stuff!

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  3. dray0308

    I hope this latest snow storm didn’t dump too much snow. We are in NY right now having driven straight through it. 2” per hour in Pennsylvania was brutal.



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