Public Housing, a chance to have my own place before dad passes

Believe it or not Public Housing called and I have an interview for an apartment. There are 150 of us and only 6 apartments. The odds are against me. I had lost some of my important paperwork and spent the last 2 days frantically searching for them. Eventually I did find them.


It is not the town I wanted, but I have no choice. I have to take whatever I can get. It is actually across the street almost from when I lived in that town before. I also didn’t expect an interview so soon. The waiting list is 5 to 10 years, but I have been on it only a year and a half. They usually only take 100 people at a time, but this time took 150 and I was number 148. There are signs, but still the odds are against me.


I have to get the cat to the vet and registered with the township. I have her certified as a therapy animal and they have to take her.


I am anxious, scared and excited at the same time.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work), new work is on this blog


6 thoughts on “Public Housing, a chance to have my own place before dad passes

  1. FLO

    It seems to be moving pretty fast. Crossing my fingers that you are selected. It would be good to have your own place and not have to worry that you would be without a place to call home if your father passed away or needed to enter a nursing home. Much less stress for you and him. Good luck!

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