Financial Woes

People have heard me mention my finances. As time goes on the situation gets worse. I get a small check from the government (SSDI) and have more bills than income. I have been using my credit cards almost to the max now.

I called my bankruptcy lawyer this morning and I will start the process. I also have to make a very tight budget. Times will be tough. Food will be the hardest since with the Diabetes I can’t just eat junk because it is cheap.

I knew this was coming just kept hoping for a miracle.


6 thoughts on “Financial Woes

  1. Carl D'Agostino

    Contact social security disability lawyer. If you are declared disabled (which I would think possible with your illnesses) you are entitled to the full maximum amount as though you have paid in something during working years. That’s $2,200 a month which is taxable. I would have lawyer look into that before bankruptcy or file bankruptcy as soc sec disability legal process is initiated. It usually takes a year or faster with soc sec lawyer specialist. Most lawyers charge nothing except a % of your retro cash amount from day of filing. Or just file for increase in benefits. Don’t do it yourself – get lawyer.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Social Security gave me benefits based on my work and salary just before I filed. I used Allsup which works like a lawyer but is former social security workers that know it inside and out. SS declared me permanantly disabled and gave me just over half that and it is not taxable. I never heard of filing for an increase in benefits.



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