Epidural done yesterday, feeling much better

The local anesthesia was the worst part. Didn’t feel the actual steroid injection. By the time I got my pain pill a couple of hours later it took a couple of hours to start feeling better.

I could turn over in bed without the resulting pain and this morning getting out of bed was easier. I can walk easier, not all stiff and little steps as I did with that terrible pain. I haven’t felt this well in decades.

Ruby I kept your prayer cloth in my pocket right next to where they were working. It gave me comfort. Thank you to you and your church for praying for me.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

-Author of Articles, Stories and Poems


http://www.finallyawriter.wordpress.com (no longer canceling this blog, just not adding new work to it, sign up for http://www.tessacandoit.com for the new posts).

17 thoughts on “Epidural done yesterday, feeling much better

        1. Tessa Post author

          I am still trying to find my older followers. I have so many of them I follow and just can’t find them all. Everynow and then I find one and add it to my new list. You are on there now so I should see any new posts if I happen to have the time to read.


          1. jdawgswords

            I’ve lost so many followers…one site pulled the plug…and I’ve lost several G+ accounts…recently I lost access to around 4000 pics, my most recent YT account had maybe 250 videos…and a follower list of maybe 1000…good luck finding your lost followers

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