I have broken 4 of the 10 commandments (taken loosely)


Obviously there are 10 comments since that is what they are called. I used to think I was perfect. Found out I wasn’t quite as perfect as I thought I was. LOL! Anywhere here is the picture of my now ex-husband when we were 17.

I learned the commandments in church, but then as most humans I break some of them.

3. Taking the Lord’s name in vain is something I am still working on trying to quit using.

8. You shall not steal. I don’t call the incident stealing. I knew my husband was going to come out better in the divorce. I started squirreling money away before the divorce. And yes because we couldn’t afford attorneys we did it our selves at a divorce clinic. You give them the info, the court costs and they type up the proper documents. He did have to go get the marriage license. We never got it.

7. The big one is adultery to me. It is not exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t want my husband. He repulsed me due to circumstances I have mentioned on here before. HOWEVER, I have told the story several times. He was not supposed to touch me and if he did, I cringed and pulled away. Cruel, I know. What he did to me was cruel too.

Anyhow I decided I wanted another man and I wasn’t going to commit adultery in that way. I didn’t care if he wanted a divorce, I told him what I was going to do and he had the same rights. Open marriage, agreed upon. He wanted wife swapping and I wanted just one guy to have a relationship with. I did both to keep him happy enough and found a guy for myself who of course was married. I didn’t consider myself an adulterer since we both agreed. The ex-hubby found  the love of his life (I thanked her for taking him off my hands.) I had a long relationship, but he was married.  18 years of adultery. gone now. He showed his real colors at the end. I still struggle with this. I don’t love the ex-hubby, but think of the happy times (with the babies) and I think of the adulterer still. Discuss it a lot in therapy. I guess it is a case of if you don’t want something, then you turn around and want it once it is gone.

10. Do not covet thy neighbor’s spouse, car, house etc. I covet a lot of things I can’t have.


6 thoughts on “I have broken 4 of the 10 commandments (taken loosely)

  1. jazzyjenness

    Yes, you’re human and we all sin. We just need to daily ask God for help with our sins.
    Keep the faith Tessa.!
    I had an ex-husband that repulsed me, too. I knew ahead of time before we married that he had issues but I never thought that they would materialize. A mistake that I regretted for a very long time. My ex was very manipulative, abusive, and a little on the twisted side. He still is, but thankfully, he doesn’t know where me, my children or grand children live. I have God to thank for keeping us safely away from him.

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