Tuesday at 10 {Learn}

Tuesday at Ten {LEARN}

Rules From Originator:

Welcome to Tuesday at Ten! The Tuesday blog Link up where you have 6 full days to use the “prompt Word or Prompt phrase” as a part of your writing.

Each week I post a prompt word or phrase and you finish the phrase and or write about the word chosen. write how that word or phrase fits you and your life or your thoughts.

Whether it be just writing a story behind the word or being as creative as you wish using photos, poems, art, or graphics – whichever creative way you choose.

You have 6 days to write and link up your blog at the bottom of the page so that others can link up with you. [ . . . . . ]

Be sure to visit your “link up” neighbor and spread the joy of connection! A new Prompt word is posted every Tuesday Morning at 10am, the link up closes at 11pm the night before.

Make sure to visit the Tuesday at Ten Facebook page to view the winner and for daily news! We also have a new FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE for Tuesday at Ten on facebook that is in the works to connect more! More on that to come! Check the facebook page for more info!

Remember  – it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being YOU. Have FUN

This weeks prompt phrase is:


Learning is a life-long process. You are never too old to learn new things. Whether we can perfect them to our satisfaction can depend on skills and/or age. I am learning things through my son. He is working on my health and my desires to be healthy after all this time. I am learning slowly, but I am learning. He is also helping me deal with my bipolar disorder and how to live which is something I have trouble doing.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday at 10 {Learn}

  1. rosebudmama

    Thank you for sharing what you are learning about staying healthy. It is wonderful that your son is helping you through this process. I hope that you have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person


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