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I’m calling my game “Two Phrase Story” by HBHATNAGAR

I started this last week and I had high hopes  (Why only high, why not wide as well?) that it would catch on, people would post it on their blogs and then so on. Hubris strikes the scaliest too!

Anyhow, to tweak the one rule a little (and I know few of you followed the honor system…;)), you can add a phrase to complete the story and take as much time as you’d like to, which you were anyway! 😛

Today’s phrase is…..

“He fell back in his chair….”

My attempt,

“….and the gun fell silently on to the carpet”

Your turn. Go!


“He fell back in his chair….” “and brought his beautiful new bride onto his lap.”


Medical Personnel are for the birds…

I went to the pulmonary doctor this afternoon and he tells me that there is no new nodule. That all there is is a shady area which is most likely an infection. I am prone to infections unfortunately. Now can’t a trained radiologist read a damn film?  My doctor told me not to worry about it, but we will do the radiologist’s suggestion and get another cat scan in 3 months after I take a course of antibiotics. And what if my doctor is the wrong one. Why do these things happen to me all the time. And they wonder why I don’t like doctors. They don’t know what the hell they are doing half the time.

I told 3 doctors I was allergic to the Fibromyalgia medicine they gave me. One said flat out no, one said yes and one said go to the dermatologist’s office. I stopped the medicine and the rash went away. Now I knew that was an allergy and I didn’t go to damn medical school.

Now just this little bit with the pulmonary doctor is going to cost me $300 for 2 cat scans and $100 for the 2 doctor’s visits and my asthma and allergy medications for which thankfully I have state help or it would be much worse. I have my regular inhaler and the inhaler for emergencies. I can’t breathe in the humidity.

They weighed me and I couldn’t see it clearly, but it looks like I lost some weight, around 10 lbs if I was seeing it clearly. Maybe this vegetable and fruit thing and less carbs is doing me some good. Let’s hope so. I was supposed to have lost some weight before seeing PCP during this month as well. 

I also have to make an appointment to have the company look at my BiPap Machine. I think something is wrong with it. If there isn’t then I have to go through my 4th sleep study and have them check the settings at a higher level.

I am back up over 550 emails and I have over 300 blogs I am following. It is going to take awhile. 


Wacky Wednesday!

I went to sleep at 4 AM and at 7 AM I was awake, wide awake. Don’t know if this means my sleep pattern is changing again or not. I wish it would. This last month or so has been rough on me. I need more sleep though. I have to go to the pulmonary doctor to find out what the new nodule on the lung means. Go through a horrid breathing test. I have asthma and sleep apnea. My machine is useless if I sleep in a cat nap pattern. Maybe it needs repair.

After that I have a reflexology appointment and can’t wait to have my feet done. It is very relaxing while she works out the kinks.

I checked my blood sugar for the first time since this stupid sleep pattern and it was 155, but I ate late last night since I was up. So have to change sleep pattern and try again.

My fridge is full of fruit and veggies. That is a good thing since I am actually eating them.

Actually took my pills at the correct time today and not 3 PM when I drag myself out of bed.


Temp Jobs and Agencies – Haiku

Temp Jobs and Agencies

by Teresa Dean Smeigh 2015


Temporary Jobs,

Constantly moving from one

To another one.

Published in honor of my son and his many years of spending time in temporary agencies and spending a lot of time changing jobs. He left a permanent well-paying job because he hated the company politics and welding. So he joins temp agencies and what is he doing? Welding for a lot less money. He had plans to be a personal in-home personal trainer and he has a certificated, but jumping into a job like that won’t be easy.