Rude Bank Employee (non-fiction)

Rude Bank Employee

I was seven or eight months pregnant K2 and I still worked. I worked at the base’s Officer’s Club as a waitress til around 7 months of pregnancy and then they put me as the hostess. Hard being on my feet, but since I was the hostess they brought me a stool to sit on in-between seating the customers.

The work week ended and I headed to the bank. I waited my turn in line and the rude bank cashier refused to cash my check. She said to me,” you have no right to take a job away from someone who needs it when you are pregnant!” I looked at her in shock. I might be pregnant, but I worked hard still. I was on my feet a lot and while waitressing it was even harder.

We finally had to get a manager out there for that woman to cash my pay check. Of all the nerve!

7 thoughts on “Rude Bank Employee (non-fiction)

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  2. morgueticiaatoms

    I was six weeks preggo, had gained all of four pounds, and went to a thrift store to buy roomier clothes. The clerk saw the maternity labels and said, “You must be due soon.”
    I glared and said, “I’m only six weeks in.”
    To which el rude bitcho said, “Wow, that is gonna be a big ass baby.”

    Her, along with all the rude ones over the years who assume being heavy means being knocked up…Yeah, I’m gonna have to scoop their spleens out with a spork. Rudeness is inexcusable.


    1. Tessa Post author

      There are a lot of rude people out there and most people do seem to assume you are pregnant if you are overweight. I won’t bring up the word pregnant unless I know for sure the woman is indeed pregnant. Hell I look pregnant now and I am long past the baby-making stage. I couldn’t believe that woman wasn’t going to cash my check because I was taking the job of someone who needed it. I needed it just as much as anyone else and it is hard as hell to work pregnant. I worked all the way to delivery with one and 4 days from delivery with another.



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