Daily Archives: April 26, 2015

Afternoon, been up for awhile after a short nap…

My sugar is a little high right now from what I ate earlier for lunch, slept through breakfast. Soon it will be time for dinner. Need to keep the carbs lower for dinner if possible.

I am still moody, confused, hyper. I don’t like feeling this way. When it is this weird I would rather be depressed and lying down. This sucks. I am trying to keep my mind on reading blogs and writing my own. Something to distract me from this horrible feeling. 

I am still in pain so bouncing my legs all over is quite painful because it shakes my whole body. I am tired again as well. I already took the Latuda earlier today and probably why I am still so hyper, but I have to find out what is the correct time or no time at all. I may have to stop it after all the fighting to get it.

As someone told me, it is like taking 2 anti-depressants (Latuda and Cymbalta) and most of us with Bipolar Disorder know what that does. So I am probably getting too much anti-depressant. However I do not feel manic. I think I am rapid cycling, one minute fine and the next off my rocker. Latuda is not really a mood stabilizer so I am not taking one anymore even though my psyche nurse says there are not such things as mood stabilizers. No class of drugs that are classified that. This is the first really bad problem with what she has prescribed me. She had to take me off what the hospital prescribed. They had me on Halodon. Bad news for me, but wasn’t in the hospital long enough for them to know it was wrong.



Sleepy, moody (rapid changes), hyper (can’t sit still) – Damn Latuda (and Fibromyalgia acting up again)

Good thing I see the prescribing nurse on Tuesday because this sucks.

I am rapid cycling with hyper feelings. wanna crawl out of my skin. I can’t sit still to read these blog posts. Can’t lie down and read. I couldn’t sleep last night even taking the Latuda early in the later part of the afternoon. The pharmacist says it causes insomnia in some people. Raising my hand here I am some people obviously. No headache this morning I will count that towards the positive. All that fighting for the Latuda and it doesn’t look like I can take it. Though it has only been a week or so so she might want me to continue for the next month til my next  appointment.

I think the stress of the Latuda is making my Fibromyalgia act up because I was feeling fairly less pain for a while there. Now my whole body is achy.

I took a shower hoping the hot water would help the pain. No such luck. I can’t sit here long because it hurts too much already and I just sat down. Back to bed most likely. That is the least painful.

My sugars are fine this morning. I was going to eat, but hurts too much too cook. I guess I will take some Ibuprofen. It is all I have besides aspirin.

I am going to be real behind in my reading of the blogs. I like to keep them up if possible, but not right now.