Daily Archives: April 21, 2015

Happy Latuda night, not hyper tonight…

I took the Latuda at about 5:30 PM tonight. A little later than last night. I hope to be able to sleep again tonight. I noticed no hyperness tonight. I was afraid it might be a nightly thing after taking it at night last night and I was hyper for 4 or 5 hours. It would explain why I couldn’t sleep the first few nights. All of this is guess work. Maybe I was hyper from all the sugar yesterday. Now that is a possibility. I sure did go overboard on the sugar at the party and later that night.

I made a chart to start writing my sugar readings down. Doctor has been asking. Especially now since they are so much better I won’t mind showing him.

I took my handful of night medications and I am so tired of swallowing pills all day. I am water logged so all water has been taken. My chiropractor can’t yell at me for being dehydrated anymore.

I am going to sign off soon and hit my bed. My show is on soon and I will read a little too.


BFF (Best Friends Forever) dedicated to FP

I was not a social child, just like I am not a social adult. I consider myself anti-social in most cases.

As a child I had friends, even a best friend, that my parents were constantly pushing me out the door to play with. I didn’t want to go play. I wanted to be left alone and allowed to read, to escape my horrible life. They thought they were helping. That I just needed a shove in the right direction, but that wasn’t true. I think they actually made things worse for me mentally. They didn’t know I had mental issues. I was just being difficult. They had no idea that it scared me to panic to have to go out. There were also yelling about me not sleeping. They could yell all they want, but nothing changed except I withdrew into myself more and more. And I hated to go outdoors. Still do!

Once I grew up and married and moved out, my ex-husband took over forcing me to have friends. His friends mostly. I really didn’t have any of my own. After the divorce I lost touch with most of them. They were his friends (ours by marriage only). I was not interested.

There were years of being left alone except by my children who feel they must try to get me out to do things. Visit, shop, go to the park with the kids, etc. I understand they are trying to help and I don’t fault them for that, but I am mainly a loner.

About 7 years ago I met FP. We met online on a group that was set up to help people find clutter buddies in their areas to meet in person. I just happened to notice 2 NJ ones and they were both near me. We emailed for awhile and made arrangements to meet. I am kind of surprised I made it without a breakdown. Meeting new people just was so difficult for me. However I am so glad I gave it a chance. I made 2 friends one who is now what I consider a BFF and an angel sent into my life to help me. This woman who is afraid to drive at night had her husband bring her to visit me in the psyche ward. That’s a true friend. She accepts me for who I am and is there for me when needed.

Thank you FP, you are my BFF and I love you!



I slept last night. About time!

I took the Latuda at 5 PM and was asleep by midnight and slept til 9 AM. Now that is a decent nights sleep and the Latuda didn’t seem to bother me since I took it earlier. The main problem is after I took it I got quite hyper. It didn’t get worse and right now I feel pretty good. I did wake up with a headache again though. Might be related. My back is still aching some anyhow. Probably the Fibromyalgia.

I forgot to take my fasting blood sugar, but I was bad and had cake for breakfast again. No more left which is a good thing. My blood sugar was 188 at 2 hours after the cake which isn’t too bad.

All pills, inhaler and started my water consumption for the day. I no longer think about soda and I just sit here and drink water all the time. I am getting plenty now and my skin is more elasticized. Maybe it is helping me sleep. I think it is supposed to.

I haven’t been on the scale with all the pizza and cake. (Though my pants are still loose) Just trying to keep my sugars under control right now. I want to go to the doctors and skip the lecture for once. Although weight loss and exercise were part of his orders. Well one out of three is better than none and who knows maybe I will get back on track again now that the cake is gone. Pssst there is still chocolate cake down there, but I don’t care for chocolate cake so I will not be eating that one.