My blood sugars are amazing me right now…

For dinner I had a 12 inch hoagie. I took my levels at 2 hours after and it is 95. If my A1c doesn’t come down this next test I am going to freak. I am working hard and trying different foods I eat and see how they affect me, but it seems like splitting that pill in half was the best thing I could do. This blog keeps me accountable.

I have to take the Latuda with food so took it 2 hours ago with dinner. I laid down since I wasn’t sure if it would cause me drowsiness or not. I even took my regular night pills in case it knocked me out and I missed them. So far still awake and even the night pills aren’t doing anything.

I no longer crave soda. I crave water. Amazing. This whole thing is amazing me.

I probably won’t be on later. Going to try and sleep since I have to get up earlier tomorrow and still don’t know what this Latuda is going to do to me. I hate trying new medications.

Plus I pulled something in my back again so extra pain besides the Fibromyalgia.


Feel free to leave any feedback!

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