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Diabetes is so confusing…

I have another early night before me. I am still making up for lost time I guess.

I have to fill my weekly pill box and then take my night time pills. I have to take them earlier since I am falling asleep earlier.

Ok for dinner I had a cheeseburger with bun and french fries. I was surprised at 2 hours after the meal my blood sugar was just 169. Splitting the pills seems to be working and watching my total daily carbs. That was a lot for one meal, but I was still close to target or under target depending on who you ask. It was about 10 years ago when I had my Diabetes classes. I had it about 5 years before that, but the doctor didn’t bother doing an A1c he just kept saying your sugar is too high. It took seeing the nurse practitioner to finally get a diagnoses and get me started with watching, but I haven’t cared too much the last few years and let it get carried away.


Latuda, pissy again…run!

Ok I admit I am pissy again. I am not sure exactly what is causing it. BPD, BP, too low of an anti-psychotic, pissed about the Latuda battles or what. I called the pharmacy about the Latuda, was told it was ready for me to pick up. I went after my therapy session. I was just parking when the phone rang. They were sorry, it was approved, but the guy didn’t realize it had to be ordered. I can have it tomorrow.

I had my therapy session again. I go every 2 weeks. Now he wants me to write these crazy dreams down. I forget the ones except the really weird ones by morning. I tell  him about them. He can read my blog if he wants to know. After all the journal thing was his idea. He read my other blog today www.finallyawriter.com and enjoys my writing. I can give him plenty to read about. He read the story about the 4-wheeler.

I told him I was pissy and he said why.  He said I can’t tell him that because he caught me laughing in the waiting room. Why do people assume that if you laugh you are alright. Somebody said something funny. I am not that far gone.

My long-term disability was canceled because they followed me around and took videos of me smiling, I was out at a building (my doctor’s office), I didn’t cause serious trouble and so on and so forth. I rebutted all their denials, but it didn’t help. I have BP I should be acting out. Talk about stigma and insurance companies not wanting to pay. Thank heavens my SSDI came through just as they canceled my long time disability insurance.

Today my fasting blood sugar was 120. Not bad after ice cream last night. Breakfast was a glucose control drink with 13 carbs. Waiting for my son for dinner. I still rarely eat lunch and dinner is usually around 4. I may have a snack at night before bed. Those damn adrenal stress tablets are giving me acid reflux. Yuck! Remembered my inhaler. I don’t think I forgot since I started to write it down. I know I need to break my meals down into 6 or so smaller ones. That will take work, but I am making leeway.

My dad was out walking the dog. I saw him, I waved. He waved. When I got home he told me he waved at me, but I didn’t wave back. I told him I waved first. Talk about minor things in the scheme of life.

I still am way behind on my water for the day. Need to pick it up. My skin is finally showing elasticity. Before if you pinched it, it stayed that way.

I think this is written all over the place. Sorry if I have caused confusion.


Kicked out of Class (non-fiction)

Kicked out of Class

I have mentioned before that I was a goody-two-shoes most of the time, but there were times when you had to watch out. I think now after all this time that I was in a manic phase when I would act out. Otherwise I was pretty quiet, but there were times when I had no control over my actions.

Now you might have read my kindergarten story of my stubbornness and acting out. Well this one is when I was older and involved my sibling.

In high school we both took a German course. My sibling just went along with it, but I was disturbed that we weren’t learning anything just memorizing for a test. I started acting out and talking all through the class. The teacher would constantly ask me to be quiet. Then she would move me. So I would get up and walk across the room and slam my books on the desk.

After several days of this the teacher called my mom and said I have a problem with Tessa.  My mom said you have to be wrong she is the good one. The teacher said no it was definitely Tessa and told her what I did. I did get yelled at for doing it, but my mom asked her why she didn’t just move the other person if I was always doing that? Good point!