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My son says I am angry…

Actually he said I am looking pissy. I guess that is a good way to describe it. I don’t really know how I feel. It probably has to do with the medicine mix-up. Or then it could just be a mood swing and I have to wait for it to pass on its own good time. So what else is new?

I am not really tired, but wanted to go to bed. I wanted a damn soda. REALLY wanted a soda. Can’t have it! Have some here just staying away from caffeine and aspartame.  I had the regular soda yesterday to bring up my sugar levels. Today I am craving it.

  • I ate a hoagie. Not good, but until we get shopping and figure out what to eat I am kind of drawn to stuff I shouldn’t have. If it isn’t here I won’t eat it. Right now we are still going out to eat. I guess my sugars will tell when I check them in a little bit. Well at almost 2 hours it was 204. A little high but it has been worse.
  • I am bored. I read for awhile. I was on Facebook for awhile. I finished the con man story. 
  • Still trying to get the damn Latuda. If they don’t get it straightened out I am going to find out what happens when you stop an anti-psychotic without weaning off of it. 
  • Had all my water and all my day pills, adrenal support and the detox, plus my inhaler. 
  • I got a small walk in. I still can’t walk far. Plus I walked around the grocery store today when I picked up  my prescriptions
  • As I write this I can feel my moods changing. Depression, wishing I weren’t on this world, happiness and so on and so forth and I am so tired of rapid mood changes. The BP ones are bad enough, but the BPD ones are rapid. 


2 hours after breakfast BS still on the low side…

  • For breakfast/lunch combo I had a roll with ham and cheese. Roll has carbs. Figured it would be high like usual, but when I took it 2 hours after eating it was still 124 so maybe my splitting the pill is the best thing. Still have to do more research on it to be sure. 
  • I need more Vitamin D. My chiropractor has said that I should double what he has me taking now for the Fibromyalgia. I was taking 5000 iu, and now he wants me to take 10,000. Vitamin D is supposed to help with pain and most people are deficient in this vitamin. I was. Not anymore.
  • I am having major cravings for sweets, especially ice cream. I am going crazy. I went from eating whatever I felt like to cutting way back and cutting certain things out for now. 
  • I want to crawl back into bed, but I am not tired just bored. Trying to break the sleep all day habit as well. I could clean my room (the hoard) and vacuum. The cat makes a mess in here with the cat box and eating. She can’t keep her food on the plate. 
  • Good thing I took my Kindle to the Motor Vehicles today because we got there 15 minutes before it opened and it was a long line already. It took him an hour to get the paperwork saying he could drive. I was sitting in the car reading.


I hate the scale…

  • I got up at 5:45 this morning and feel quite awake. I have to take son to Motor Vehicles as soon as they open. He is afraid to drive right now because there is something wrong due to a state surcharge. So I will take him.
  • My blood sugar was a little high this morning, 124 fasting, but remember all the carbs yesterday due to my doubling my pills. I didn’t take one last night and this morning starts my day of half a pill in the morning and at night. So I might see higher numbers both days. But most days they are too low fasting since I take the pill at night so I hope to even things out some more plus work on the diet and eating several small meals a day. I found a diabetes site that had the basic requirements, much like American Diabetes site and that is just too many carbs for me unless breaking them up exactly as they say would equalize them. Most of my friends find following a low-carb diet best for them. The ADA has too many for them.
  • Weight 120 – gained a pound back because of all those carbs I ate yesterday. More food than I normally eat.
  • All morning meds (not nightime meds) have been taken including nasty adrenal gland tablets, inhaler and detox. I am trying to keep notes so that I don’t take something when I shouldn’t. Hard to remember when all at different times. 
  • I slept with the light on, but no nightmares that I remember. 


Your Money or Your Life (But, Your Password Will Do)

These are some very good suggestions for creating a good password.

Kindredspirit23's Blog

Some time ago, I published a post in which I tried to help people create a good password.  I still think my way is an excellent one.  Of course, 12-16 digit random characters including capital, small letters, numbers, and special characters is really hard to beat.  Anyway, here is an somewhat entertaining TED talk about passwords.  It’s less than 10 minutes and may help you.  After it, I will tell you, briefly, how I have made some really good passwords.

Now, simply put, try this:

1)  Use at least 12 characters (10 in a pinch)

2) Use numbers, letters (capital and small), and special characters.

3) Don’t follow a pattern

4) Change it fairly frequently

5) Password Guardians such as Norton’s password manager can help you.

6)  Don’t ever reuse a password

7)  Never just change a letter or a number when making a new password

8) Don’t repeat passwords

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